Michael Lewin Solicitors are top specialist hearing compensation claims experts in the UK.

We can help you make a hearing claim if you have suffered an injury to your hearing through working in an excessively noisy environment. If you have been exposed daily whilst working to an excessive level of sound and your ear protection if you have any is not of an appropriate level we could help you to make a compensation claim.

In order for you to make a successful claim you have to be able to prove that your employer is responsible for the loss of your hearing. In order to do this you have to firstly show that the noise exposure at your place of work was over the recommended levels for exposure to be safe. You also have to show that your employer did not do everything in their power to protect you from the exposure at the times you were in the area of noise.

You need to approach an industrial injury solicitor as soon as you have been diagnosed with deafness that is work related. Hearing loss awards range from occasional hearing loss compensation of £4000.00 to total deafness awards of £70000.00. It is very important that you have a full medical report from an examination carried out by a qualified audiologist detailing the extent of your hearing loss so you can be sure that you are getting an appropriate right level of compensation. You can also claim in addition to your loss of hearing for tinnitus if this has been caused by the noise levels in your workplace. Unfortunately you are not able to make a claim for tinnitus alone.

You should seek hearing compensation claims advice about claiming in the UK as soon as it has become apparent that your hearing loss has been caused by your occupational environment.

There is a time limit for making a hearing claim and if you exceed the time limit your claim will be rendered void. To avoid missing out on receiving the compensation you are entitled to you need to act fast. You cannot make a claim for industrial deafness over three years after you were diagnosed as suffering from industrial deafness. If you stopped working in the industry that caused your deafness more than three years prior to your diagnosis you can still start a claim; the deadline of three years begins when you have a diagnosis of industry related illness.

Occupational deafness is classed as an industrial illness; you will need to enlist the help of a specialist occupational illness and injury lawyer in order to get the best possible result. Here at Michael Lewin Solicitors we have an entire team of solicitors dedicated to helping innocent workers claim the compensation they are entitled to for the industrial ear illness they have developed.

Mrs F and ex bar tender worked in a nightclub for a number of years before she realised she was partially deaf. The nightclub was found to have been outputting a shocking amount of sound. No effort had been made by the nightclub owner to care for the staff in their employment. As a result Mrs F was awarded a total of £8540.00 in compensation.

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