If you are struggling with hearing problems or if you are suffering from deafness as a result of the sound levels of the UK industry you work in you are legally entitled to make personal injury claim for the damage to your ears.

If you like Mr T work in the construction industry then you need to know that your employer has a legal obligation to take care of your safety and well-being in the workplace. If you work in a noisy environment your employer must provide you with fully functioning ear defence from the excessive noise levels you are exposed to and they must also offer you training on the dangers of excessive noise levels in the workplace. If your employer fails to do either of these then they are failing in their duty to keep you safe at work.

All employees need properly functioning hearing protection and training about the dangers of industrial deafness in order to help prevent it occurring. If an employer has offered their employees the necessary protection and has provided them with the industrial hearing loss training they need then they have fulfilled their duties and cannot do any more. Employers must ensure that employees wear the hearing protection they have provided and wear it in areas where it is required. If an employee has been given the equipment and the training yet they choose not to use it then the employee will be at fault if they start to suffer a loss of hearing.

You can make a compensation claim if your hearing has worsened or you are suffering from deafness if you can prove that your UK employer is a fault for the deterioration of your hearing.

Mr T made a personal injury claim because his hearing deteriorated badly whist he was working in the construction industry. Mr T was exposed daily to constant loud noises and was frequently exposed to sudden and loud banging noises of an even more excessive nature. Mr T tried to shrug off the fact that high levels of noise came with the job and that his ears were not permanently damaged but after a consultation with an audiologist this proved to be incorrect. Mr T had suffered a degree of permanent hearing loss that could never be repaired.

Mr T decided to make a personal injury claim against his employers for failing to warn him about the dangers of working in an excessively loud environment and for failing to provide him with adequate ear protectors. Had Mr T been provided with the appropriate trainingand equipment he would not have shrugged off the dangers of excessive noise levels so easily. Mr T stated that had he known the damage that was being caused was permanent he would have looked into ear protection lot more seriously before his hearing deteriorated as much as it has done. Mr T was thankfully awarded a total of £7540.00 for his hearing loss.

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