Have you been left hearing impaired because you had not been provided with the appropriate equipment at work? Were you working in a noisy environment that has left you with damage to one or both of your ears?

If you have suffered damage to your ears because of your employers negligence then you can access free and expert no obligation industrial deafness personal injury advice from the specialist industrial injury solicitors at Michael Lewin. By coming to Michael Lewin Solicitors for an assessment of your case and to hopefully start your claim you are significantly boosting the chances of making a successful claim.You are eligible to make a hearing impairment claim if a doctor has declared your hearing has been damaged and the hearing damage can be directly linked to your working environment.

The loss of your hearing in one or both ears or a hearing impairment in your ears can cause you to have a life long struggle. No one really appreciates their senses until they are gone; and then we realise just how much they mean to us. Unfortunately we cannot solve your hearing problem but we can help you gain compensation for your hearing problem if you have developed it through no fault of your own. If your employer is the cause of your hearing difficulties then they owe you compensation for your troubles.

An ear injury claim can be made by anyone whose hearing has become impaired because they have been subjected to excessive noise levels in the workplace.

Finding out if your work related hearing loss claim no matter how large or small is eligible for personal injury compensation is easy; one quick phone call to Michael Lewin Solicitors and your no win no fee claim can be started the same day if meets with the criteria set by the claims regulating authority.

Michael Lewin Solicitors no win no fee representation means you are not obliged to pay a substantial legal bill in order to pursue the compensation you are entitled to. We will be there to guide you throughout the entire process of making a claim for personal injury compensation because of the hearing loss you have developed as a direct result of the conditions in which you have been working without you having to worry about paying our fees at the end of your case.

Mr Y made a no win no fee for hearing injury compensation after suffering from moderate hearing loss as a result of working without adequate training in an excessively noisy environment. Michael Lewin Solicitors were able to ensure that Mr Y received an award of £8350.50 in compensation.

Have you been left hearing impaired because of your job? Can your hearing impairment be linked to your working environment? If so you need to speak to the ear impairment experts from Michael Lewin Solicitors today to discuss your case and find out if you are eligible to start a claim. Call one of our dedicated employment related hearing impairment experts if you think claiming compensation could be suitable for you on: 0844 499 9302

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