Are you hearing impaired or even deaf because of the excessive noise levels at your place of work?

If your workplace was too loud and you did not have any ear protection you can make a no win no fee claim for your hearing loss. With the help of the expert and dedicated industrial injury and illness solicitors from Michael Lewin Solicitors you could make a claim and be awarded thousands of pounds in compensation. The occupational injury and illness team consisting of only the best personal injury solicitors is dedicated to helping victims of work related illness claim the compensation they are entitled to for their unnecessary suffering.

If you work in a job where the noise levels that you are exposed to are 80dB or higher then your employer has to provide you with appropriate ear protection. There are different levels of ear protection available some better suited to some industries more than others; your employer has to provide you with the protection that is best suited to yours. If your employer has failed to provide you with adequate ear protection and you work in a noisy environment you could be eligible to make a work related deafness claim if your employers neglect has caused damage to your ears.

If you are hearing impaired or deaf because your employer failed to adhere to the noise at work regulations you have a very strong chance of being awarded compensation if you come to Michael Lewin Solicitors for legal representation. Your dedicated hearing loss legal consultant will be there for you throughout the entire process of making a claim for personal injury compensation because of the illness you have developed as a direct result of your job conditions. The personal injury team who deal with hearing loss cases are happy to take on any qualifying industrial deafness claim for personal injury compensation on a no win no fee basis.

I can?t afford the upfront fees.

You do not need to pay any fees to Michael Lewin Solicitors to start making an industrial deafness claim. Injury to the ears caused by employment conditions is still a personal injury; all of Michael Lewin Solicitors personal injury claims are dealt with in a no win no fee basis. Mr R made a personal injury claim after he started to notice a decrease in his hearing ability. Mr R started having to ask people to repeat themselves so he went to his doctors for advice.

Mr R’s doctor told him that there was a significant reduction in Mr R’s capacity. As the operator of a sand burning machine Mr R was constantly exposed to high noise levels. Rather than deal with the hassle of making a claim alone Mr R came to Michael Lewin Solicitors for help. We were able to make a claim on behalf of Mr R and he received a total of £9560.00 in compensation.

If your occupation has caused you to become hearing impaired deaf or you have become completely deaf because of your work conditions you can call the work related disease specialists from Michael Lewin Solicitors personal injury team today to discuss your case. Call one of our dedicated consultants on: 0844 499 9302if you think you will benefit from making an industrial deafness claim.

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