Michael Lewin Solicitors can help you if you have become hearing impaired or deaf whilst working in the UK. If you have been working in a noisy industry in the UK and you have been diagnosed as suffering from hearing loss you can make a personal injury claim to gain the compensation you are legally entitled to for the damage that has been done to your hearing. Over the years the personal injury division of Michael Lewin Solicitors has successfully settled thousands of personal injury claims positively for clients all over the UK. If you have been left deaf or partially deaf because of your working conditions then there is a very good chance that we will be able to produce a successful outcome for your claim.

If you have been rendered totally deaf and the deafness is permanent you could be looking at receiving an award of p to £70000.00 for the deafness you have developed. If you can prove that your hearing loss has been caused by your conditions in the workplace and that your employer did not take your health and safety in the workplace seriously enough then you may be able to make a successful claim. Michael Lewin Solicitors are happy to represent anyone with a genuine and qualifying claim for industrial deafness compensation on a no win no fee basis. We can assess your claim easily to see if you have a valid industrial deafness claim.

Making a claim if you have become hearing impaired or if you have become deaf from working in an excessively noisy environment in the UK is made easy and simple by the exert personal injury solicitors from the industrial disease division at Michael Lewin Solicitors. You can make a no win no fee claim from the comfort of your own home using the services of the exceptionally gifted solicitors here at Michael Lewin. We want to help you gain the compensation you are entitled to for the deafness you have sustained whilst working in an excessively loud environment. If you can prove your employer is to blame for your deafness then we can access the compensation you are entitled to for the level of hearing loss you have sustained.

Your employment conditions will be deemed as excessively loud if the constant emissions of sound into the workplace are over 87dB. If emissions in to the workplace are over this maximum exposure limit then your employer should be providing you with protection for your hearing. Mr O was not provided with enough protection and this resulted in his suffering from hearing loss. Luckily we were able to secure Mr O a total of £6547.00 in compensation.

To start making a no win no fee compensation case if you are hearing impaired or deaf as a result of your occupational environment you need to call a solicitor from Michael Lewin’s industrial disease team as soon as possible before you miss your chance to make a claim in the UK. Call one of our dedicated industrial disease consultants today on: 0844 499 9302.

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