Has working in an environment of high noise levels for a prolonged period of time resulted in you becoming hearing impaired or completely deaf in London or elsewhere in the UK? If so you could be eligible to make a claim for compensation of you was not warned of the dangers and your employer did not attempt to lower noise levels or provide you with protective gear to prevent injury to your ears. Michael Lewin Solicitors have a dedicated team of work-related illness specialists who could help you pursue compensation on a ?no win no fee? basis.

Mrs F was subjected to excessive levels of noise on a daily basis whilst working in the textile industry for more than 35 years. She contacted the professionals at Michael Lewin Solicitors and our team of experts were able to help her pursue her claim for compensation against several mills and companies she worked for over the years. The constant exposure to noise from spinning and doffing machines as well as presses had resulted in her suffering from mild hearing loss in both ears and noise related tinnitus.

During the time of her employment Mrs F was not provided with any protection for her ears or made aware of the effects that working in the constantly noisy environment could have on her hearing.

If working in conditions of excessive noise levels have resulted in you suffering industrial deafness or have left you hearing impaired to some degree you may be eligible to make a claim and with legal representation and support from the experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors pursuing compensation against employers who exposed you to these working conditions couldn?t be made more simple.

If you like Mrs F were continuously exposed to high levels of noise in your workplace and were not provided with any protective gear or training relating to working in noisy conditions you could be eligible to make a claim for compensation.

Michael Lewin Solicitors took on Mrs F’s claim on a ?no win no fee? basis after she contacted us to discuss her case. Our experts were able to recover compensation adding up to £12250 on her behalf.

To discuss your case of industrial deafness with the experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors after prolonged exposure to excessive noise in your workplace directly resulted in you becoming hearing impaired or deaf call us today on 0844 499 9302and a member of our dedicated team can let you know if we can take on your claim on a ?no win no fee? basis as we have for other many innocent victims of industrial deafness in London and elsewhere in the UK.

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