You may be entitled to hearing injury at work compensation if you have suffered damage to your ears through no fault of your own; the solicitors at Michael Lewin in Leeds will be able to help you make a claim if you have a genuine case for hearing injury compensation.

Hearing injuries can happen suddenly if you have an accident that involved your ears being subjected to an unexpected loud noise. This type of accident can damage the ear and either cause temporary damage or permanent hearing loss. Hearing injuries can also creep up on you over time if you work in a noisy environment and you have not been protected by your employer. If your employer has failed to provide you with the appropriate PPE and your ears have been injured through prolonged exposure you may be entitled to make a claim.

All employers no matter how many employees there are in the company must ensure that they:

? Ensure that all the correct warning signs are provided and used correctly.
? Take precautions against any risks such as flammable or explosive hazards electrical equipment and noise exposure.
? Check all the correct personal protective equipment has been provided for employees and that all such equipment is in working order and maintained well.
? Prevent or control exposure to substances that may cause employees harm whether this is an instant hazard or a hazard that is caused by prolonged exposure.
? Avoid potentially dangerous work involving manual handling or if the circumstances require it take precautions to reduce the risk of injury from a manual handling accident.
If your employer has failed to do any of the above or you want further guidance about your employer’s responsibilities speak to a Michael Lewin solicitor today.
For advice about claiming hearing injury at work compensation you need to speak to someone who has experience in this field; the solicitors at Michael Lewin in Leeds have been claiming compensation for over ten years and have dealt with thousands of claims.
Tinnitus is a very common illness that occurs in the ears as a result of an employees working environment. If you work in a loud environment then your employer is duty bound to provide you with the appropriate equipment in order to help protect your ears from damage.
Mr S was awarded a four figure sum of compensation after his accident at work involving a trailer dropping a trolley onto him.
To start your claim for hearing injury at work compensation call Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds today on: 0844 499 9302.

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