Under UK laws if you are suffering from hearing loss and a degree of deafness you are legally entitled to access the industrial disease compensation you are entitled to by making a no win no fee claim a dedicated legal representative from Michael Lewin in Leeds can help you make an industrial deafness claim for occupational hearing loss compensation and will work tirelessly on your behalf to ensure a successful compensation claim is made and that you are awarded the industrial hearing injury compensation you deserve.

No matter what degree of deafness you have had inflicted on you as a result of poor noise control measures in your workplace there is a dedicated industrial disease expert here who can assess your claim and hopefully help you get the process of claiming industrial deafness compensation started.

There are different levels of deafness that people can suffer from and each level of deafness qualifies for a different compensation award. No matter how sever or minor your deafness is you will still receive an award; we do not underestimate the impact the even a small degree of hearing loss can have on a sufferer. People who are suffering from mild or occasional hearing loss can expect to receive an award up to £7000.00 the amount of compensation that is awarded for mild hearing loss starts at £4000.00 but it does depend on the degree of hearing loss you have sustained and whether you have tinnitus as an associated condition. People who are suffering from total deafness can claim up to £70000 in compensation again this depends on how severe the deafness is whether the deafness causes a speech impairment and also whether the victim is suffering with tinnitus.

If you have developed hearing loss or a degree of deafness because you were employed in an environment where the noise levels are over the maximum exposure limits Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds can help you make an industrial deafness case for the impairment you have developed as a result of your exposure to excessive amounts of noise.

You can secure a workplace hearing loss compensation award for the level of hearing degeneration you have sustained whilst exposed to the noise levels in a hazardous work environment by making a no win no fee claim using the services of a dedicated and expert industrial disease solicitor from Michael Lewin.

We made a claim for Mr E for the mild hearing loss he developed in the workplace and he was awarded just under £5000.00. The award we achieved on behalf of Mr E was appropriate for the level of hearing he had lost.

If you are suffering from hearing loss and deafness and it has been caused by the noise in your workplace and you want to make a claim for industrial disease compensation with the help of a specialist industrial deafness executive from Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds you need to call us quickly so you do not miss out on your chance to claim the award you deserve on: 0844 499 9302

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