You could be eligible to make a hearing loss claim if your deafness is directly associated with you having worked in an environment where the noise levels are over the maximum exposure limits Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds can help you make an occupational deafness claim for the hearing loss you have developed as a result of your workplace environment. You can secure an industrial deafness compensation award for the hearing loss you have developed over time whilst exposed to the excessive sounds in a dangerous work environment by making a no win no fee claim with the help of a qualified and experienced industrial disease solicitor from Michael Lewin.

A no win no fee claim was made by Mr DC for hearing loss compensation and he was awarded £7300.00 for the level of hearing loss he had sustained. No deductions were made from Mr C’s award by ourselves because we were able to secure our fees from Mr C’s compensator.

Under UK laws you are legally entitled make a hearing loss claim for the compensation you deserve by starting no win no fee proceedings; a professional solicitor from Michael Lewin in Leeds can help you make an industrial deafness claim for aural defect compensation and will work tirelessly on your behalf to ensure a successful compensation claim is made and that you are awarded the industrial deafness compensation you deserve. No matter what degree of occupational deafness you have had inflicted on you as a result of the noise control methods in your workplace there is a qualified industrial disease solicitor here who can assess your claim and hopefully help you get the process of claiming industrial deafness compensation started.

There are certain obligations that an employer has if they have people working for them in an environment where it is likely they will be subjected to excessive levels of noise:

? A good employer will always make their employees award of the measures they have taken or are planning to take with controlling the risks associated with the noise.

? It is vital the employers make sure that every employee knows where they can access the hearing protection they need to minimise the risk of any damage being done to the hearing.

? Business owners always need to ensure that workers are informed about how they report any faulty safety equipment and what to do if their safety equipment is defective.

? Employers should always ensure there is a constant and accessible supply of safety equipment in the workplace should any fail.

? An employer must inform any employees that work within the company about the noise levels they are likely to come into contact with and what the risks are to their hearing because of these excessive noise levels.

To start a hearing loss claim for industrial disease compensation with the help of a specialist personal industrial disease expert from Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds you need to call us quickly so you do not miss out on your chance to claim the award you deserve on: 0844 499 9302.

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