It is very important to remember when thinking about making a hearing loss claim in the UK that you need an experienced and qualified solicitor to act on your behalf in order to get the best possible outcome for your case. Without the services of a professional firm of solicitors there is a good chance that you will not get the full award amount you are legally entitled to for the level of hearing loss you have sustained whilst working in an environment where the sound emissions are excessive. We are more than happy to assess your noise induced deafness claim for industrial disease compensation for free. We can give you the best and most accurate advice about your chances of making a successful industrial disease claim based on the answers you give us. The process of assessing your claim only takes a few moments so you have nothing to lose by giving us a quick call.

If you are at work and you have to shout to an employee so they can hear you if they are two meters away this is a good indication that the noise emissions in your workplace are over 80dB. If this is the case you could need ear protection especially if the peak noise level is higher. If you are working and you have to shout when a colleague is only one metre ay from you in order for them to hear you properly then thiscould be an indication that the noise levels in your environment are over 90dB; in this event you really should be wearing ear protection to save your haring from damage.

Whilst you are working you may not notice that any damage is being done to your hearing. The damage to your ears takes place over time after a prolonged exposure to noise. This is what happened to Mrs M; luckily we were able to secure her a total of £4980.00.

If you want to make a hearing loss claim in the UK but you are worried about the cost of hiring a reputable and professional firm of solicitors to act on your behalf then you need to call a personal injury lawyer from Michael Lewin Solicitors. We are happy to give you all the advice you need about making a claim through us. When you make a personal injury claim through Michael Lewin Solicitors it won?t actually cost you anything. We do not charge upfront fees for starting personal injury cases for innocent victims of industrial disease. You can access the very best representation from a firm of solicitors who will act in your best interests by approaching Michael Lewin Solicitors for help and support throughout the process of claiming personal injury compensation for industrial deafness compensation.

To start your hearing loss claim in the UK for the hearing loss you have sustained as a result of working unprotected in an excessively noisy environment call Michael Lewin Solicitors hearing loss division as soon as possible on: 0844 499 9302.

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