Michael Lewin Solicitors have helped many sufferers of industrial deafness and noise-related hearing loss pursue claims for compensation after prolonged exposure to excessive noise levels at their workplace in London and across the UK and if your hearing loss was a direct result of noisy conditions at your workplace you could be eligible for us to act on your behalf on a ?no win no fee? basis.

It is an employer’s legal responsibility to take the correct precautions to ensure their workers safety whilst in the workplace and this includes looking into lowering noise levels and/or providing the correct training and ear protection if noise levels are consistently above the 80 dB limit set in place by the Health and Safety Executive’s Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 act which was put in place to protect workers from having to suffer high levels of noise at work.

Industrial deafness sometimes referred to as noise-related hearing loss is a condition that results in a person suffering loss of hearing (usually over a prolonged period of time) as a direct result of ear injury caused by high levels of noise in the environment they work in. It can vary in its degree of severity quite considerably from temporary loss of hearing to complete deafness in both ears. It is often related to tinnitus which although cannot be claimed for alone can be a factor that is taken into account when pursuing a claim for industrial deafness.

Noise-related hearing loss and industrial deafness are conditions suffered by around 250000 UK workers who have been subjected to constant noise in their work environment and if you are one of them and were frequently exposed to continual high noise levels without your employers enforcing the use of adequate ear protection the industrial disease claims specialists at Michael Lewin Solicitors may be able to help you pursue compensation on a ?no win no fee? basis if you are in London or anywhere else throughout the UK.

Our expert team at Michael Lewin took on the case for Mrs M who worked in factories for most of her early years around noisy machinery. Although there was some protective ear wear provided there was not always enough available for all the workers. She had always though it was there more to provide relief from the discomfort of the noise rather than as a safety measure as she was not made aware by her employers of the dangers to her ears the excessive noise levels posed. We acted on her behalf on a ?no win no fee? basis and successfully negotiated a compensation award of £16600 for the loss of hearing she has suffered.

To find out more about making noise-related hearing loss claims with the professionals at Michael Lewin Solicitors call our dedicated and friendly team who can discuss your case and help you to pursue compensation in London or anywhere throughout the UK on: 0844 499 9302.

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