A Michael Lewin Solicitors will be able to give you an estimation of the award amount you could receive based on the figures in the hearing loss compensation table a solicitor from Michael Lewin will be happy to offer you a free evaluation of your case to determine if you are eligible to make a claim in London and to see how much compensation you should expect to receive.

You can make an aural defect compensation claim for the industrial hearing impairment compensation award you are legally entitled to under UK laws with the help of an experienced and qualified legal consultant from Michael Lewin Solicitors. We will work on your behalf to ensure that your industrial disease claim for occupational hearing loss compensation is settled in a timely manner and that the end result of your case is a positive resolution to your claim. We settled Miss S’s case for acoustic shock compensation quickly and she was awarded a very pleasing £9800.98 in compensation.

The hearing loss compensation table is used as a guideline by the industrial disease solicitors from Michael Lewin to estimate the amount of compensation you should be entitled to claim in London based on the level of deafness you have sustained.

If your hearing has been impaired by the excessive noise levels in your place of work it is your legal right as an employee to make an aural defect compensation claim for the damage that has been caused Michael Lewin Solicitors can offer you no win no fee legal services to help you make a claim for the occupational deafness recompense you are legally entitled to. Our no win no fee industrial disease compensation services are available to any individual who has hearing damage due to the excess noise they have been subjected to without adequate protection whilst working.

Many of the cases that we have dealt with have been for people who were working in an era when the dangers of excessive noise in the workplace were not fully realised and workers were exposed to huge levels of noise with no protection. Employers in the modern times are bound by regulations that are enforced by the government and these rules are designed with the protection of employees in foremost. Years ago however these regulations were not so comprehensive and they were not enforced so well so many employees are now hearing impaired because of it. The good news is if you have developed industrial deafness from a noisy industry you worked in you have the chance to seek justice for your hearing damage by making a no win no fee claim.

If you would like an estimate of the value of your claim based on the figures in the hearing loss compensation table for the industrial deafness award you are legally entitled to claim in London you need to seek advice from a professional lawyer about your chances of making a successful industrial deafness claim on a no win no fee basis; call Michael Lewin Solicitors on: 0844 499 9302.

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