If your ears have been affected by the excessive noise levels in your place of work it is your legal right as an employee to make a hearing loss compensation claim for the damage that has been caused Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds can offer you no win no fee legal representation to help you make a claim for the industrial deafness compensation you are legally entitled to. Our no win no fee industrial disease compensation services are available to any victim of hearing damage due to the excess noise they have been subjected to without adequate protection whilst working.

There are certain duties that an employer has if they have people working for them in an environment where it is likely they will be subjected to dangerous levels of noise. Some of an employer’s duties are detailed below if you think your employer has been negligent on any of these points and you are suffering from deafness you could have an eligible claim for industrial deafness compensation.

? An employer has to tell any employees that work within the company about the noise levels they are likely to come into contact with and what the dangers are to their hearing because of this exposure.

? Employers need to make all employees aware about the measures they have taken or are planning to take with controlling the hazard associated with the noise.

? Employers need to make sure that every worker knows where they can obtain the hearing protection the need to minimise the risk of any damage being done to the hearing.

? Employees need to be informed about how they report any faulty safety equipment and what to do if their safety equipment is inadequate.

? Employers should always ensure there is a backup supply of safety equipment should theirs fail.

You can make a hearing loss compensation claim for the industrial deafness compensation award you are legally entitled to under UK laws with the help of an experienced a qualified legal consultant from Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds. We will work on your behalf to ensure that your industrial disease claim for industrial deafness compensation is settled in a timely manner at that the end result of your case is positive allowing you to relax in the knowledge that the best possible legal representative is working on your behalf.

If we have all the evidence we need we are confident that we can settle your claim successfully. We were able to gather an overwhelming amount of evidencedagainst Mr T’s employer which enabled us to settle his case quickly and award him with the compensation he deserved. We settled Mr T’s case andhe received an award of £56.780.00 for the terrible damage that has been done to his hearing.

To start a hearing loss compensation claim for the industrial deafness award you are legally entitled to you need to seek advice from a professional lawyer about your chances of making a successful industrial deafness claim on a no win no fee basis; call Michael Lewin in Leeds on: 0844 499 9302.

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