If you have suffered noise-induced hearing loss due to continuous exposure to high levels of noise in the workplace you may be eligible for compensation and one of our highly experienced legal advisors at Michael Lewin Solicitors could talk you through the claims process and discuss the eligibility of your claim with you or a representative on your behalf to see if you could claim the compensation you deserve as many other innocent victims in London and throughout the UK already have.

It is an employer’s legal responsibility to put in place the proper measures to ensure their workforces safety whilst they are in the workplace and this includes looking into lowering noise levels and/or providing the correct training and ear protection if the levels of noise are consistently exceeding the 80 dB limit which was set in place by the Health and Safety Executive’s Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 act laid out to protect workers from having to suffer excessive levels of noise at work.

Industrial deafness sometimes referred to as noise-induced hearing loss is a condition that results in someone suffering loss of hearing (often over a lengthy period of time) as a direct result of ear damage caused by high levels of noise in the workplace. It can vary in severity from temporary loss of hearing from which a complete recovery can be made to complete and permanent deafness in both ears. It is often related to tinnitus which although cannot be claimed for alone can be a factor that is considered when making a claim for industrial deafness.

Noise-induced hearing loss compensation varies as each claim with have different circumstances and factors to be taken into consideration but Michael Lewin Solicitors will take on any eligible claim on a ?no win no fee? basis to reduce any financial risk posed to you by pursuing a claim and our advisors will give you realistic ideas of what outcomes to expect before you enter the claims process to ensure as little stress as possible is inflicted on innocent victims of noise-induced hearing loss such as yourself and others in London.

Mr N worked in a quarry for over 30 years doing various different roles. Unfortunately during the first half of his career in quarry work Mr N was not provided with proper ear protection as he was subjected to the extreme noise of the explosions and loud drilling that took place on an on-going basis. This resulted in Mr N suffering major hearing loss in his right ear and occasional loss in his left along with experiencing intermittent symptoms of tinnitus. Michael Lewin Solicitors helped him to recover compensation of £19200 for his condition.

To speak with an experienced industrial disease specialist regarding your noise-related hearing loss case to find out if you could be eligible to claim compensation after being exposed to high noise levels for prolonged periods of time in your workplace in London call Michael Lewin Solicitors today on: 0844 499 9302.

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