If you want to know how much hearing loss compensation you are entitled to you need to speak to a solicitor from Michael Lewin who can assess your compensation case professionally; we can give you an estimation of the compensation you are entitled to by checking the compensation table of industrial deafness amounts if you start a claim for occupational deafness in the UK. There is a guideline amount of compensation that can be awarded to hearing loss victims depending on the degree of hearing loss they have suffered. Awards vary depending on whether the hearing loss is temporary intermittent occasional or permanent. The level of hearing loss you have sustained will also determine the award amount you will receive as will the findings of a report carried out by a qualified medical professional about whether the hearing loss is in one ear or two.

The degree of hearing loss you have sustained will depend on a number of conditions that were in place at your work while you were being exposed to the noise. The number of years you worked in an excessively noisy environment will determine how much long term damage has been done to your ear. There frequency of the noise you were exposed to will have an impact on the injury you have sustained to your ear. The protection you were given and how adequate it was or wasn?t will also affect the outcome of your ear injury.

An occupational hearing loss compensation expert from the occupational illness division at Michael Lewin Solicitors will assess your claim against the table of recommended compensation awards for occupational injury and illness victims who have suffered a degree of hearing loss whilst working in the UK. Awards range from £4000.00 to £70000.00 depending on the hearing loss you are suffering from. If you are suffering from mild or occasional hearing loss we would expect you to receive around four to seven thousand pounds in compensation. If you are suffering from severe deafness and you are totally deaf in both ears and it has been caused by your working environment you should expect to receive an award of between fifty and seventy thousand pounds.

Mr N attended a family wedding where many people pointed out that he was not hearing them properly when there was background noise- there was music playing whilst they were eating. Mr N decided to get a hearing test done. The audiologist told Mr N that he was suffering from moderate deafness and that it was irreversible. The audiologist when Mr N told her about his job did think that the work and the ear injury could be related. Mr N decided to seek advice about making a claim and successfully received a total of £10200.50 in compensation.

If you need a hearing loss compensation specialist to assess your hearing loss claim and check the amount you are entitled to based on the awards detailed in the table of estimated compensation awards for industrial disease sufferers and you want to start a claim in the UK call Michael Lewin Solicitors on: 0844 499 9302.

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