If you think you are entitled to a hearing loss compensation award you can check the tables of estimated compensation amounts on our website to can get a rough idea of the amount of compensation you will be awarded.

You can also speak directly to a highly qualified and experienced solicitor from the industrial illness and injury team at Michael Lewin Solicitors about the value of your claim. Until we have completed a full assessment of your individual case we will not be able to tell you the exact amount of compensation we would expect to be able to secure on your behalf. Your compensation award for the industrial deafness you have developed at work is based on the level of deafness you have sustained amongst other different variables; all of these variables have to be analysed carefully in order to establish if you have a valid compensation claim.

Compensation awards are categorised into different bands depending on the severing of your hearing loss but we will always aim to get the maximum amount of compensation for the band that your injuries fall into. Our negotiation skills are second to none and our will to get the best for all of our clients is exceptional so we will always carry on negotiations until we are satisfied that our clients are happy with the amount they are being offered and that the amount is adequate for the level of deafness that the client has developed.

A hearing loss compensation expert from the aural injury team at Michael Lewin Solicitors will check the tables of recommended compensation awards against the details of your individual circumstances to calculate the amount of compensation that we would expect you gain.

Compensation awards for damage to the hearing range from £4000.00 to approximately £70000.00. Lower awards are made for mild and moderate cases of deafness in one or both ears and for those who are suffering from tinnitus as an associated condition. Awards in the middle of the table of calculations are made to those who are suffering from severe deafness severe tinnitus or loss of hearing in one hear. Higher awards are made to those who are suffering from total deafness in both ears.

Mr S was awarded a mid-range award for the moderate hearing loss he had suffered in both ears along with a serious case of tinnitus.

If you want a hearing loss compensation lawyer to check the tables of average award values for your individual claim then you are more than welcome to call us for a free assessment of your industrial deafness claim. We will evaluate your eligibility to make a claim firstly and then following a more in-depth investigation of your case we will estimate the amount of compensation you are entitled to if you want to pursue your compensation case. To get your case started today on a no win no fee basis with a qualified and experienced legal executive call Michael Lewin Solicitors on: 0844 499 9302

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