Hearing loss and deafness victims in the UK can make a no win no fee personal injury claim for the deafness they have developed as a direct result of working in an environment that produces and excessive level of sound by seeking legal representation from a qualified and highly experienced personal injury solicitor from Michael Lewin. We can assess your case initially to see if you qualify for making a claim and can also give you a guideline to the amount of compensation we would expect to be able to secure for your individual deafness case.

There is a guideline amount of compensation that has to be awarded to hearing loss victims depending on the degree of hearing loss they have suffered. Award amounts will vary depending on whether the hearing loss is temporary intermittent occasional or permanent. The extent of the hearing impairment you have sustained will also determine the final award amount you will receive.

The findings of your medical deafness report carried out by a qualified medical professional about whether the hearing loss is in one ear or two and how badly the hearing is affected will play a large part in your final award amount. The award amount we estimate you are eligible to receive will just be a guideline figure and is not the actual amount of compensation you will receive for your industrial deafness. The amount of industrial deafness you actually receive will depend on the negotiations between us and the person responsible for your hearing loss.

You must get an official diagnosis before you apply to make a no win no fee claim for industrial deafness compensation. If you do not have a diagnosis then we will be unable to proceed with your claim.

An occupational hearing loss and deafness specialist from Michael Lewin Solicitors will happily assess your deafness compensation claim to see if you are eligible to make a claim in the UK. We can also evaluate an estimate of your claim value.

The amount of compensation that can be awarded to an industrial deafness victim ranges from £4000.00 to £70000.00depending on the hearing loss they are suffering from. If they are suffering from mild or occasional hearing loss we would expect them to receive around four to seven thousand pounds in compensation. If they are suffering from severe deafness and they are totally deaf in both ears and it has been caused by their working environment victims should expect to receive an award of between fifty and seventy thousand pounds.

We were able to establish a clear link between Mrs R’s hearing loss and her condition at work. Because of this we were able to secure Mrs R a compensation award of £17900.00 for the 30 years of damage that her ears sustained.

If you are ready to start claiming the compensation you are legally entitled to for the hearing loss or deafness you have developed at work in the UK call Michael Lewin Solicitors on: 0844 499 9302.

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