Following a diagnosis of hearing loss by a professional hearing specialist it is your legal right if you are sure your hearing loss is noise induced to make a hearing loss compensation claim in London for the damage that has been caused. Mr O exercised his legal right to makea claim against his employers for the loss of hearing he sustained due to the lack of protection in the workplace and Michael Lewin Solicitors were able to secure an impressive £44320.00 on his behalf.

Michael Lewin Solicitors can give you no win no fee legal representation so you can make a claim for the industrial hearing defect compensation you are legally entitled to providing you have evidence that your occupational environment was the cause of your hearing loss. Our no win no fee occupational disease litigation services are available to any victim of an aural disorder caused by the dangerous noise they have been subjected to without adequate protection whilst in the workplace.We will work on your behalf to ensure that your industrial disease claim for noise induced hearing loss (deafness) compensation is settled in a timely fashion and that the end result of your claim is that you receive an award for your deafness this will allow you to rest with the knowledge that the best possible litigator is working to get you the best results.

You can start a hearing loss claim or a case for deafness compensation for the noise induced ear damage compensation award you are legally entitled to in London with the help of a qualified legal representative from Michael Lewin Solicitors.

The control of noise in the workplace regulations make sure that employers are aware of all of the provisions they need to make in the working environment for their employees safety. The provisions they have to make will depend on the on the hazard they are trying to control. A workplace risk assessment has to be carried out in every place where people are employed to work even in offices so that hazards which could possibly pose a risk to the health or safety of workers can be accounted for.

Once any risks have been identified employers need to do everything they can to ensure that the risks are covered; if the risk cannot be eliminated then employees have to be prepared. Employers need to make all workers aware from the moment they start their job with the company of what the potential hazards are in the workplace. Once employees have been informed of the hazards they then need to be provided with the safety equipment they need to help them protect against the risk and they need to be given appropriate instructions about how to avoid or manage the risk.

To start a hearing loss case for the noise induced deafness award you are legally entitled to you need to seek advice from a professional lawyer about your chances of making a successful industrial deafness claim on a no win no fee basis; call Michael Lewin in Leeds on: 0844 499 9302.

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