You can start a hearing loss case or a case for workers compensation for the noise induced hearing damage compensation award you are legally entitled to under UK laws with the help of a qualified legal advisor from Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds.

A solicitor from Michael Lewin will work on your behalf to ensure that your workers hearing loss claim for noise induced hearing injury compensation is settled in a timely manner and that the end result of your claim is that you receive a positive outcome this will allow you to relax in the knowledge that the best possible legal specialist is working to get you the best outcome.

The best possible outcome was achieved for Mr V when he made a no win no fee claim through Michael Lewin Solicitors. Mr V was awarded £13320.00 for the significant deterioration of his hearing that was caused by his employment conditions.

Following a diagnosis of hearing loss by a professional it is your legal right if you are sure your hearing loss is noise induced to make a workers compensation claim for the damage that has been caused Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds can offer you no win no fee legal representation to enable you make a claim for the workers deafness compensation you are legally entitled to if you can prove that your occupational environment was the cause of your deafness.

Our no win no fee workers disease compensation services are available to any victim of a hearing disorder due to the excess noise they have been subjected to without adequate protection whilst in the workplace.

Historically the dangers of exposure to excessive noise in the workplace were not known and many employees have had to endure years of working alongside noisy machinery without any protection. It is only in recent years that scientific evidence has proved that exposure to noise levels on a daily basis over 85dB can cause serious damage to the ears and result in deafness later in life. We are currently handling many cases for employees who were working in noisy environments when the dangers were not apparent which has resulted in the m developing industrial deafness

. Nowadays employers have to take the health and safety of their employees very seriously and follow all of the regulations that apply to their line of work. Thankfully this should reduce the number of industrial deafness cases in the future significantly and less people will be at risk of developing the disease. If you are not a worker in the modern day and you were not protected at work you can have the peace of mind knowing that you can make a compensation claim for your hearing loss.

To start a hearing loss case for the workers compensation award you are legally entitled to you need to speak to a professional consultant about your chances of making a successful industrial deafness claim on a no win no fee basis; call Michael Lewin in Leeds on: 0844 499 9302.

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