Help is widely available for hearing loss and deafness victims in the UK who have been subjected to excessive noise levels at work and who have suffered damage to their hearing as a result. If you want to make an industrial deafness claim because your employer failed to protect your hearing throughout the course of your employment then you are legally entitled to do so. You have the right to be protected from excessive noise emissions in the workplace if your occupational environment is of that nature. If your employer has failed in their duty to protect you from developing occupational deafness then you have the right to make a deafness claim against them for the hearing loss you have sustained. You can access help by seeking legal representation from a trusted firm of solicitors like Michael Lewin. We are here to help anyone who has been a victim of their employers neglect and has sustained occupational deafness as a result.

Your employer has a legal obligation to:

? Ensure that employees are provided with the hearing protection they need depending on the level of noise that is transmitted into the workplace and they have to ensure you wear the ear protection at the correct times when the upper exposure limits are reached.

? You can be provided with ear defenders ear plugs and semi-aural inserts but your employer must ensure that they offer the correct level of protection for you.

? Train members of staff correctly about the dangers of being exposed to high levels of noise and the impact it could have on their hearing if they do not follow the workplace health and safety procedures correctly.

? Correctly maintain any equipment that is provided to employees to protect their hearing and ensure that any defective equipment is replaced promptly.

? Ensure that regular noise level risk assessments are carried out in the workplace so that the best safety practices are being implemented at all times.

If you need help and you feel like you have nowhere to turn you can call Michael Lewin Solicitors for assistance in making a hearing loss and deafness claim in the UK. In just one phone call we can determine if you are eligible to receive an award for the occupational deafness you have developed as a result of your employer failing to protect you from the noise emissions in the workplace. The process of assessing your case can be completed with just a few quick questions; based on your answers we can determine if you have a qualifying case for industrial illness compensation.

Mr G was advised he had an eligible claim and was advised to proceed. With the help of a solicitor from Michael Lewin Mr G was awarded a total of £6770.00 for his mild hearing loss.

If you need compensation help for hearing loss and deafness victims you can call the dedicated and highly professional personal injury team from the industrial illness division at Michael Lewin Solicitors in the UK on: 0844 499 9302.

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