Michael Lewin Solicitors are proud to boast about the success the HGV lorry accident claims division have had with settling their compensation cases on behalf of clients all over the UK. One of the most recent cases we have resolved successfully is Miss C’s; thanks to our excellent representation Miss C received £3562.47 in personal injury compensation.

It may come as a surprise to hear that accidents involving Lorries and HGV’s account for 25% of the fatalities that happen on roads in the UK every year. When you think about it though that figure is not really so surprising; the sheer weight and size of a lorry or HGV compared to a car is vast and the impact that will be caused when an HGV hits a car at speed is massive. You may be able to make a claim or compensation if you have been involved in a road traffic accident in which an HGV played a part. You can claim for personal injuries whether you were an HGV driver injured due to the fault of another road user or a driver hit by an HGV.

You should seek HGV lorry accident claims immediately after an accident as you may be eligible for a substantial compensation award. If you do want to make an HGV accident claim you should do the following after an accident whether you are the HGV driver or a car driver:
? Obtain the other drivers details such as name address and telephone number; always make a note of the registration number just in case the driver tries to give you false contact details.
? If there are any witnesses to the incident make sure you get their details; this could make the difference between receiving a compensation award and being refused a compensation award.
? Record the time and date that the incident took place. Even if you do not know where you are you should try and establish your location and make a note of it.
? Take photographs of the accident scene and any damage done to your vehicle. If you are the non-fault party the pictures of the accident scene could be the only proof that you were not responsible for the incident occurring.
? Take photographs of any injuries you sustain in the incident and make sure you seek the appropriate medical attention for the level of your injuries.

Do not panic too much if you do not have all of the information above; we can still ensure your claim is accepted. To speak to the HGV lorry accident claims team at Michael Lewin Solicitors call: 0844 844 8180.

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