Michael Lewin helped Mr H of Gateshead to get justice after his hgv lorry accident; he was awarded £2500.00 in compensation after his claim.

Mr H suffered an accident at work when he was unloading an hgv lorry. He was under pressure to finish unloading the vehicle and his fingers were crushed under a heavy box as he manually unloaded the lorry.

Mr H was in severe pain; his fingers throbbed when the box trapped them. He suffered pain in his fingers for many days after the accident occurred. The swelling and subsequent bruising which developed prevented him from using his fingers normally for several days after the accident.

Crush injuries to hands can be very serious at the very worst; they can cause fingers to need to be removed surgically. Thankfully this is relatively rare but even a small crush injury can cause severe pain to the victim. Injuries like these are precisely why the 1974 health and safety act first came into being. Michael Lewin have expert solicitors who are extremely well versed in all the legal requirements which this act places upon employers. If as an employee you feel that your workplace was negligent in their treatment towards you and you suffered an injury as result Michael Lewin may be able to help with your compensation claim.

If you have suffered from an hgv lorry accident which was not your fault you can call expert accident lawyers at Michael Lewin to start your compensation claim.

Michael Lewin are 100% committed to bringing your claim to settlement utilising their experienced work accident lawyers.

According to the 1974 health and safety act any workplaces with more than five employees should have a trained competent individual acting as the health and safety executive. The main task of this executive is to carry out a risk assessment for every duty which employees need to perform to fulfil their role within the company. Some roles will have greater potential for accidents occurring than others. As a very simple example if you take a manual worker and an office worker the greater the likelihood is that the manual worker would be injured more frequently than the office worker just because of the natural differences in the job role. As such employers who have workers who have to perform manual roles need to take a greater responsibility for the well-being of their staff.

We work tirelessly to reach compensation amounts on your behalf on a no win no fee basis.

Call Michael Lewin on0844 499 9302 to start your compensation for hgv lorry accident compensation claim if your accident was not your fault.

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