Being Ignored At Work Is More Damaging Than Being Bullied

Being Ignored At Work Is More Damaging Than Being Bullied

A new study has found that being ignored at work is more damaging for personal health than being bullied or harassed. This is because it leads to greater job dissatisfaction a desire to quit and problems with health.

Sandra Robinson co-author of the study stated that they found ostracism causes people to feel more helpless because it makes them believe they are not worthy of any attention at all. The study also highlighted a degraded sense of belonging and commitment stronger intentions to quit your job and psychological problems like stress depression and anxiety.

Although bullying and harassment receive much attention ostracism is not perceived as psychologically harmful and socially inappropriate. Therefore it is less likely to be prohibited. Robinson stated that although these issues are extremely important abuse is not always obvious.

With these new results it is important that ostracism does not sit on the back burner as it can be extremely damaging to employee welfare. If employers are aware of such behaviour they should take further action to protect their staff.

If work has been the cause of psychological damage employees are urged to come forward and make a claim for their rights. Personal health should not be subjected to wear and tear as a result of work.

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