Mrs K was left permanently scarred after an accident involving inadequate and faulty equipment at work; Michael Lewin helped her pursue a compensation claim in London and she was awarded £2250.00.

Mrs K from Preston was at work removing baking tins from the oven in the kitchen. The baking tins were defective and hot water gathered on the lids; when Mr K removed one of the tins from the oven hot water spilled off the tin and onto her foot.

As a result of this accident Mrs K suffered a severe scald injury that has left a cosmetic scar on her foot. After her accident Mrs K consulted the friendly and approachable solicitors at Michael Lewin and decided to pursue her claim for compensation. Mrs K was awarded the sum of £2250.00.

Employees can be seriously injured by way of faulty equipment which they have been given or by using defective equipment which then causes an accident. These accidents then have penalties from the employer needing to replace or re-train the member of staff who was injured to possibly paying out for rehabilitation and compensation for financial losses which the employee has suffered due to the accident.

Employers may also have to undergo an investigation and face the closure of their firm if serious negligence has resulted in a near-fatal accident on their premises. These are extreme consequences which employers rarely consider but checking equipment can prevent a great deal of heartache further down the line.

If you have been injured due to being provided with inadequate and faulty equipment you may be able to make a compensation claim; Michael Lewin Solicitors can assess your case and advise you about the best course of action.

Kitchens are very hazardous places to work hence the reason there are so many health and safety laws in place surrounding kitchen work. Failure to abide by these laws can result in an accident; Mrs K has been left with a permanent scar because of the faulty baking tins.

All employers no matter how many employees there are in the company must ensure that they:

? Ensure that all the correct warning signs are provided and used correctly.
? Take precautions against any risks such as flammable or explosive hazards electrical equipment and noise exposure.
? Check all the correct personal protective equipment has been provided for employees and that all such equipment is in working order and maintained well.
? Prevent or control exposure to substances that may cause employees harm whether this is an instant hazard or a hazard that is caused by prolonged exposure.
? Avoid potentially dangerous work involving manual handling or if the circumstances require it take precautions to reduce the risk of injury from a manual handling accident.
If your employer has failed to do any of the above or you want further guidance about your employer’s responsibilities speak to a Michael Lewin solicitor today.
Michael Lewin Solicitors can help you if you have been injured by inadequate and faulty equipment; to get your compensation claim started call our London team on 0844 499 9302.

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