Mr W from Wrexham was injured because of inadequate and faulty equipment; he brought his compensation claim to workplace accident specialists at Michael Lewin.

Mr W had been given the task of installing some work equipment. He was 27 years old when the accident occurred in his workplace. His fingers were severely crushed as he tried to install the defective equipment.

Mr W had been at work on the November day of his accident and he can remember the pain that he suffered when his fingers were crushed. He suffered from soft tissue damage and bruising as a result of his accident.

Our client was given no health and safety guidance to carry out this extra duty at work. He feels the lack of guidance was potentially a cause of the accident.

In the case of Mr W it was a defective piece of equipment which caused his injury. If employers issue equipment which is to be used by their employees they have a legal obligation to ensure that the equipment they provide is not defective. Employers should have performed a risk assessment; this risk assessment should have highlighted any equipment for which the employer needs to be responsible. Annual checks on any equipment which is issued as a requirement for an employee to perform a role or duty within the company should be an absolute minimum requirement which employers need to be made aware that they must fulfil.

If you have suffered from an injury because of inadequate and faulty equipment whichwas not your fault you can call Michael Lewin to start your compensation claim.

If you feel that your accident was caused by preventable occurrence such as by a defective equipment then specialist team at Michael Lewin will be able to give more specific advice about your claim if you call it today for help and advice.

Compensation is awarded if you have not been at fault and you can prove your injury could have been prevented. If you are unsure as to whether you have a claim or not our accident at work injury specialists will be able to give you free advice over the phone they can also give you an idea of the compensation that you can claim.

Michael Lewin commit to settling your case with a minimum of fuss to get you compensation to provide you and your loved ones with the financial security to fully recover.

Call Michael Lewin on0844 499 9302 to start your accident caused by inadequate and faulty equipment at work compensation claim.

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