If you are considering pursuing industrial disease compensation for the noise-induced hearing loss which you suffer following prolonged exposure to noisy work conditions you should speak with the experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors who in a matter of minutes over the phone could assess your eligibility to make a ?no win no fee? claim with legal representation and support from our experienced work-related illness specialists in London or elsewhere in the UK.

Around a quarter of a millions workers in the UK suffer from some degree of hearing impairment due to consistently high levels of noise in the workplace with another one million workers potentially at risk of developing noise-related hearing problems according to statistics presented by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

To be able to pursue a claim for compensation for occupational deafness or acoustic trauma you must have been diagnosed by a qualified doctor or professional audiologist and be able to prove the hearing loss was the level of noise in your working environment.

The experts in industrial disease compensation claims at Michael Lewin Solicitors can provide you with no obligation advice if you suffer from noise-induced hearing loss as a direct result of being subjected to high noise levels in your workplace in London and assess your eligibility over the phone to make a ?no win no fee? claim with the aid of our highly skilled staff.

Mr E worked as a labourer then a fettler in the foundries for 24 years during which time he was consistently subjected to high noise levels generated by the tools he used and the machinery and furnaces around him without being informed for the effects the excessive noise could have on his hearing. His employers failed to provide the correct safety training and ear protectors for the conditions Mr E had to work in every day resulting in Mr E now suffering from hearing loss and the aggravation of tinnitus.

Mr E contacted the work-related illness specialists at Michael Lewin Solicitors when a medical professional diagnosed his occupational deafness and linked his hearing loss and noise-related tinnitus with the machinery and conditions that Mr E was exposed to.

Our dedicated team took on Mr E’s case on a ?no win no fee? basis and went on to recover compensation of £8950.

For more information about making an industrial disease compensation claim with the help of Michael Lewin Solicitors after suffering noise induced hearing loss (deafness) from noisy working conditions in London call our dedicated team today on: 0844 499 9302.

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