Making a no win no fee industrial injuries claim for noise induced hearing loss (deafness) compensation in the UK is a very simple and straightforward process if you come to Michael Lewin Solicitors for expert legal representation.

We will be there for throughout the entire process of making a claim for noise induced deafness compensation because if you have developed a hearing impediment as a direct result of your unsafe working conditions. We will gladly take on any eligible occupational deafness claim for noise induced hearing loss (deafness) compensation on a no win no fee basis; this means you can access the best possible representation without having to worry about the cost of having an experienced professional on your side.

A successful occupational hearing loss claim must fulfil certain criteria in order for us to accept it and start working on your behalf. Every case is different but the basics we are looking for are as follows:

? You must have been diagnosed by an audiologist or similar hearing specialist as suffering from some degree of hearing loss or hearing impediment.

? Your working conditions were unsafe and you were exposed to noise that was over the safe maximum exposure limit whilst you were at work.

? You can prove your empower did not follow the control of noise at work regulations and implement strategies in the workplace to protect your hearing from harm.

We cannot guarantee your case will be accepted if you can meet the above criteria as there are stringent regulations in place that monitor the applications for compensation. You must start your claim within three years of your diagnosis.

You may be considering making an industrial injuries claim for deafness in the workplace compensation because you are suffering from employment related industrial deafness; you can make a no win no fee deafness claim in the UK with the help of the specialist and highly qualified occupational deafness solicitors from the personal injury team at Michael Lewin Solicitors. This work related hearing loss team of expert solicitors is dedicated to helping innocent victims of employment related illness claim the compensation they are entitled to for having to work in an unsafe environment.

All the criteria mentioned above were fulfilled in Mr J’s case after he came to Michael Lewin Solicitors for an assessment of his case. Mr J had been left totally deaf because of the conditions of his workplace for 40 years. We had to speak to a representative of Mr J’s in order to help him complete his claim. Mr J was able to complete all the necessary forms to enable us to get started and we managed to complete most of the claims process via email and written correspondence. We secured a total of £67890.00 on behalf of Mr J.

If you are ready to start pursing an industrial injuries claim in the UK and if you want to make the process and simple and as hassle free as possible you can call the industrial deafness specialists from Michael Lewin Solicitors personal injury team today to discuss your options on: 0844 499 9302

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