Michael Lewin Solicitors helped Mr A claim over £7000.00 in compensation when he made his industrial accident compensation claim; our Leeds solicitors were very pleased with the result they managed to attain on behalf of Mr A.

Mr A was 55 at the time of his accident. He was at work when he suffered a serious laceration to his leg because of a badly stacked pallet. Mr A was walking past the pallet and there was glass hanging out of the side of it. As a result of this glass Mr A suffered a terrible cut to his leg that required professional medical attention.

Mr A approached Michael Lewin with his case and our accidents at work solicitors were satisfied that his case was genuine and that Mr A was not at fault.

Michael Lewin Solicitors then issued a letter to Mr A’s employers stating their intention to make a claim for compensation. The issue was then dealt with between ourselves and Mr A’s employer’s insurers. We settled the claim as quickly as we could after negotiating with the insurance company over the final compensation amount.

The total amount that Mr A was awarded was £7529.52. Michael Lewin Solicitors were incredibly pleased with this result and are happy to have been able to help Mr A.
If you want to make an industrial accident claim in Leeds you should do so with the help of a professional who has had experience in this area.
Michael Lewin Solicitors have settled hundreds if not thousands of accident at work claims for our clients and we have many more new cases coming in every day. We have an entire team who specialise in accidents at work and have a very extensive knowledge of employer liability law and all the guidelines that surround health and safety at work.

Your employer has neglected their duty of car towards you as an employee if they have failed to jeep you safe in the workplace. All employers are obliged to follow health and safety legislation in order to provide a safe working environment for their employees. One common example of how an employer can be negligent in keeping you safe is if they do not have a health and safety policy in place and have not appointed anyone to enforce the health and safety guidelines. Failing to give training to members of staff about what is a hazard in the workplace is also negligent.

If you have been in an industrial accident and you want to make a claim let the experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds do the work for you. Call us today on : 0844 499 9302.

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