Michael Lewin helped Mr Safter an industrial accident to make a claim for compensation in Manchester.

Mr S was badly injured after an industrial accident at work. His right hand was injured when it made contact with a dock levelling plate that had been left in upright position. His right hand had swollen up and he had severe bruising to it.

Crush injuries like this can require a very long time to heal fully.Crush injuries to hands can be very serious at the very worst; they can cause fingers to need to be removed surgically. Thankfully this is relatively rare but even a small crush injury can cause severe pain to the victim.

Accidents like these are precisely why the 1974 health and safety act first came into being. Michael Lewin have expert solicitors who are extremely well versed in all the legal requirements which this act places upon employers. If as an employee you feel that your workplace was negligent in their treatment towards you and you suffered an injury as result Michael Lewin may be able to help with your compensation claim.

If Michael Lewins team of personal injury solicitors can be of service after an industrial accident to make a compensation claim in Manchester then call us today for free advice.

Michael Lewin gets a sense of satisfaction from helping our clients to move on with their lives after an accident like this one. If compensation would help you to come to terms with the injuries you have sustained then talk to one of our highly skilled and experienced solicitors at Michael Lewin.

Our solicitors take a great deal of pride in their ability to get maximum compensation for their clients in the shortest timescale possible as we are aware that especially in these austere times that few people have a wealth of savings which they are able to fall back upon. Our solicitors are very aware of the difference that the correct amount of financial remuneration will make to their clients quality of life.

If you think that Michael Lewin may be able to help you as they helped Mr S to get compensation after an industrial accident then come and speak to one of our team today. We may be able to take your case on a no win no fee basis.

If Michael Lewin can help after you have been involved in an industrial accidentin the workplace call: 0844 499 9302. to speak to one of our personal injury solicitors about your claim in Manchester.

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