Miss F came to Michael Lewin after an industrial accident which was not her fault; she made her claim using our dedicated solicitors.

Miss F from the lovely seaside town of Blackpool was 23 when she was injured in an industrial accident. She had been lifting a heavy object at work when she injured herself.

Back injuries are a common injury when employees are not shown the correct lifting techniques. Accidents in industrial settings are more frequent due to the greater amount of staff performing manual labour.

Michael Lewin also see more accidents during these austere times as businesses try to save money by not repairing and replacing machinery as they should. They are also trying to save money by not buying equipment which could help their staff in the manual handling tasks which they are performing.

Employers have a duty of care to ensure that all staff are operating in as safe a manner as they possibly can if this cannot be proven then the employer will be found liable to pay compensation if employees are injured as a result of this neglect of the employers duty of care.

If you have suffered from an industrial accident; Michael Lewinhave experience in giving claim advice from their skilled solicitors.The initial advice is free and we take on cases on a no win no fee basis.

The staff at Michael Lewin can give advice about all aspects of industrialworkplace liability and what you can expect from your employer.
When heavy items are being required to be moved manually very often there is a simple alternative that employers can use if they have considered the risks to their employees. For example small pallet trucks which are wheeled can be of assistance to prevent staff from being forced to pick up loads which are too heavy or cumbersome to move manually. Even smaller items which are not so heavy can cause an injury if these items need to be stored somewhere which requires an awkward movement from the member of staff who is being directed to perform these duties.

If a member of staff is injured whilst performing manual duties such as these employers will need to be able to prove that they have performed a proper and correct risk assessment of manual handling situation which currently happens in work.

If Michael Lewin can help you after you have sustained an industrial accident;our claim solicitors can help on:0844 499 9302. to start your compensation claim today.

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