Mrs G was 50 when she suffered burns to her leg in an industrial accident; Michael Lewin the expert claim solicitors in Leeds helped her pursue her case for compensation.

Burns in the workplace account for 5% of all workplace related deaths. Burn and scald injuries also account for roughly 20%-25% of work related injuries that require hospital attention. Many people who have had an accident at work and have been burned as a result suffer from serious scars. Sometimes victims are left with scarring from the surgery that was necessary in order to help them recover from the injury itself.

Burns are one of the most painful types of injury that can be sustained in the workplace; the skin is a very sensitive organ and there are thousands of nerve endings on the surface of the skin. This means that if an area of the skin is affected it is often more painful than if there is a smaller deeper wound as there are less nerves lower down in the skin. Mrs G was burned by oil from a fryer in her place of work. The solicitors at Michael Lewin understand how severe and painful burn injuries can be and we were glad to be able to award Mrs G with the compensation she deserved.

If you have been involved in an industrial accident you should seek advice from qualified claim solicitors as soon as possible; Michael Elwin in Leeds can help you get your claim started straight away. There is a time limit involved on making a claim for work accident compensation so do not miss out. Burn injuries carry the risk of permanent scarring and disfigurement. They can also affect the vital organs and sometimes cause failure to the organs. Burn injuries are put into different categories depending on the severity of the burn.

First degree burns only affect the outer layer of the skin. The signs of a first degree burn are redness swelling and pain. It is unusual for a first degree burn to cause major permanent scarring.
Second degree burns (partial thickness burns) cause pain swelling and redness like first degree burns. Second degree burns affect the outer and underlying layers of skin so blistering is present in second degree burns.
Third degree burns are also known as full thickness burns. These extend into the deeper tissues of the skin. They cause blackened skin which may feel numb as the nerves have been destroyed. These types of burns nearly always result in permanent scarring.

If you have been burned in an industrial accident and you need the help of professional claim solicitors to make your case for compensation call Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds on 0844 499 9302.

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