Mr F from Clawsley was injured in an industrial accident; Michael Lewin were able to get compensation for the injuries he sustained.

Mr F was 54 when he suffered injuries after an industrial accident. He had been working when he was assaulted as he worked.

Michael Lewin have extensive knowledge of employment law and the duties that employers have to make the working environment safe for their employees.

If you believe that your employer has been lax in their duty of care to keep you safe we can tell you in one free call to our solicitors if you can make a claim.

According to the 1974 health and safety act any workplaces with more than five employees should have a trained competent individual acting as the health and safety executive. The main task of this executive is to carry out a risk assessment for every duty which employees need to perform to fulfil their role within the company. Some roles will have greater potential for accidents occurring than others. As a very simple example if you take a manual worker and an office worker the greater the likelihood is that the manual worker would be injured more frequently than the office worker just because of the natural differences in the job role. As such employer’s who have workers who are having to perform manual roles need to take a greater responsibility for the well-being of their staff.

If you have suffered from an industrial accident which caused any type of injury at work and you need compensation come to our proficient staff at Michael Lewin?

Sadly many workplaces do not provide the correct amount of training for their employees. There are rules which state in the 1974 health and safety act that adequate information training and instruction is required of all workers. This training is not a set amount; it will be dependent on the age and competency of the employee. Supervision and training will be much greater for new processes and for young and inexperienced employees. Training must also be well thought out because training to use a computer may allow mistakes to happen however mistakes cannot be allowed to happen when younger or inexperienced workers are in charge of large electrical equipment.

Michael Lewin have over a decade of experience as a company and we utilise this vast experience to settle your claim quickly. We can take your case on a no win no fee basis.

Michael Lewin can help you after you have sustained any injury after an industrial accident;call the professionals in employment law on 0844 499 9302. to start your compensation claim today.

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