Mr H was awarded industrial accident compensation following his accident in the workplace; Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds helped him make his case for compensation.

Mr H slipped on some milk that had been spilt on the floor in his place of work. No effort had been made to clear up the spillage not had any wet floor signs been placed around the area warning him of the hazard.

One of the most common types of injury in the workplaces stems from a slip trip or fall. A slip trip or fall may sound like a minor accident that results in a bit of a bump with the floor but some of these types of accident can have much more serious consequences. Even a slip on a wet patch on the floor can result in a very painful fracture.

The severity of an accident involving a slip trip or fall can depend on the circumstances surrounding the accident. If someone was to fall on some oil spilled on the floor of a warehouse they may suffer bruising or a fracture; if they were to have the same accident but fall into the path of a moving wagon then the consequences would be a lot worse.

Luckily Mr H’s industrial accident was not a lot worse and we were able to pursue compensation on his behalf from our office in Leeds.

Workplaces are full of hazards and it is an employer’s duty to make the workplace as safe as possible for employees to work in. A simple thing like a broken tread on some step ladders in a store room could cause someone to wobble off balance fall to the floor and suffer a severe head injury. These risks in the workplace must be spotted and eliminated immediately. No employee should have to make do with faulty equipment in the workplace. Even the simplest most minor thing could end up being a serious accident.

If for example a builder was to trip over a bucket that had been left in his path by a colleague he may fall and suffer a bruise or a fracture; if that bucket was in his path while he was working on scaffolding ten stories high and he was to trip and fall he could plummet to the ground and sustain a much more serious injury.

Risks are everywhere; it is firstly the job of an employer and also the responsibility of the members of staff to make sure that the workplace is kept safe.

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