Mr S was awarded over £3500.00 in industrial accidents compensation after he sustained an injury at work; he approached Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds for help in making his compensation claim.

Mr S was seriously injured when he fell through an uncovered gap on the floor at his place of work. As a result of the fall Mr S sustained painful injuries and had to take time off work to recover. Michael Lewin Solicitors were able to secure a total of £3825.00 in compensation on behalf of Mr S as the accident was not his fault. The hole in the floor was a hazard that his employers had a duty to eliminate immediately. To do this they should have cordoned it off or temporarily covered it and put up warning signs for staff to stay off the boarding.

All employers have a duty to keep their staff safe. This duty extends from making sure that the employees have the correct equipment to use to making sure that the workplace presents a safe environment for employees to work in. Employers are not the only ones responsible for health and safety in the workplace. Employees to some extent have to take some responsibility for their worn health and safety at work

If you think you are entitled to industrial accidents compensation you need the help of a solicitor; Michael Lewin in Leeds will be able to make a claim for compensation on your behalf if you have been injured through no fault of your own.

Employees have the right to be provided with the correct personal protective equipment in order for them to do their work safely to have any risks to their health and safety properly controlled and managed to be able to report health and safety concerns without the risk of being disciplined and to have rest breaks throughout the day to have time off from work during the week and the right to take paid holiday.

Employers also have to take some responsibility for their own health and safety; for example a person that works with machinery should avoid wearing loose jewellery and clothing to help avoid the risk of getting tangled up. Employees should never interfere or misuse anything that their employer has provided them with to enhance the safety of their job; in doing this an employee is breaking the health and safety rules and is liable for any injuries they sustain as the result of an accident.

To make a claim for industrial accidents compensation call Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds today on: 0844 499 9302.

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