Industrial Accidents Compensation Advice: solicitors at Michael Lewin have vast experience in getting compensation on behalf of their clients after the injuries they have sustained.

Mrs W worked in Leeds; she was 35 when her industrial accident took place. Our client badly injured her back as she moved a dishwasher as she had been told to do in work.

Back injuries can cause huge amounts of pain for the victim for a substantial period of time after the original accident. All employees who are asked to perform lifting duties in work should be trained on the correct lifting procedure to minimise the chance of an employee needlessly potentially permanently damaging their back or stomach muscles.

Sore backs and backache accounts for a very high proportion of the days off which employees take. These days off workincur a cost. This cost is borne by the employer and if the employer is responsible for causing the back injury which the client is suffering then the employer may also need to pay compensation to the employee. There may also be secondary costs such as needing to retrain another member of staff to perform the duties which were performed by that individual who has been injured. The employer may also have to pay for any legal fees which he may incur whilst fighting an employee’s claim for compensation. These are all financial costs; we have not taken into consideration here the emotional and physical costs of an accident which was easily preventable. Companies should also look at their employees and consider if morally they are treating their staff correctly.

Come to Michael Lewin’s experienced industrial accidents highly trained compensation solicitors if you require financial compensation as a direct result of an industrial accident which was not your fault.

Back injuries can cause very serious injuries which can take a long period to fully recover from. Back strains and sprains can take a long period of time for ligaments to heal fully. Muscle strength and lumbar sprains are the most common causes of low back pain.This muscle strain occurs when the muscle fibres are stretched or torn after being pulled or twisted past their normal endurance. The treatment for strains and sprains is exactly the same and the amount of time taken to recover is also the same.

Our client suffers pain whilst she goes about her regular daily routine. Some days she has trouble even walking due to the pain in her back. Her quality of sleep since the back injury has been greatly decreased due to the pain which she suffers being present even whilst she is lying down.

Michael Lewin are committed to achieving a settlement figure for you which is the correct amount you deserve if the accident was not your fault. Workplaces should be kept clear of dangerous situations for their employees.

Michael Lewin’s industrial accidents compensation specialists can help you after you have sustained an accident;call theirsolicitors on 0844 499 9302. start your compensation claim today.

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