Industrial deafness is an ailment that effects up to 170000 people at work in the UK every year; if you are the unfortunate victim of industrial deafness at work you may need the help of a dedicated and professional specialist from Michael Lewin in Leeds to make a no win no fee claim for industrial hearing loss compensation.

The number of people who are being diagnosed with industrial hearing loss every year is staggering and it has all been caused by employers failing to implement control of noise at work regulations in the workplace effectively. If this is a situation you have found yourself in and your employer has been negligent in enforcing the control of noise at work regulations you could be eligible to make an industrial hearing loss claim for industrial deafness compensation.

We are fully expecting the number of industrial deafness cases to start dropping in years to come because of the strict regulations that employers now have to abide by in relation to the control of exposure to noise in the workplace. Many of the historic cases we are dealing with at the moment are for clients who did not have the safety of protection from important health and safety regulations whilst they were working. Some of the cases we are dealing with like Mr G;s case are from victims who spent years of their lives working in noisy conditions with no protection at all and because of the damage that was caused at the time of exposure they are now suffering from a serious deterioration of their hearing. Mr g found himself in this situation after being diagnosed as suffering from hearing loss last year. Because he gave up working in the mine four years ago he did not think he would be eligible to claim but he was thankfully because he was diagnosed less than three years ago. We were able to secure a total of £41300.90 for the industrial deafness that is causing Mr G to suffer.

If you have developed industrial deafness at work and you are suffering because of it you will need to seek advice from one of Michael Lewin Solicitors professionals in Leeds about making a no win no fee claim for the recompense you are entitled to.

Providing you start your industrial deafness case within three years of being diagnosed as a workplace deafness victim and you can establish a clear link between the environment you were working in and the onset of your deafness you will most likely have an eligible industrial deafness claim for industrial hearing loss compensation.

If you need help with gathering your evidence or if you do not understand the noise at work regulations we are here to help you.

For industrial deafness at work advice or if you want to utilise the no win no fee services being offered by the industrial deafness specialists from the industrial disease division of Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds you need to call us as soon as possible before your time limit for making a claim runs out. Phone: 0844 499 9302.

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