Industrial deafness claims for compensation are the best way of workers gaining recompense for the loss of hearing they have sustained whilst working in a dangerously hazardous workplace; if you have been left hard of hearing you need expert legal representation from the trained industrial hearing loss executives from Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds.

The hard of hearing department can represent anyone who has developed occupational hearing loss through no fault of their own because they have been unprotected from excessive noise levels in the workplace. If you have become hard of hearing because of your occupational conditions you are legally entitled to claim compensation for your loss of hearing.

Employers have to carry out an assessment of the noise levels in the workplace so they can identify any risks that are present and decide what to do for the best in order to protect the safety of their employees. There is more to the risk assessment process than measuring the noise levels checking the data regarding the noise levels and handing out ear plugs to employees. Employers must also assess whether there is anything they can do in the workplace to reduce or eliminate the hazard of noise that is present. Employers are obliged to assess whether alternative methods of work will have some benefit in reducing the exposure in the workplace and whether it is feasible to implement and of these changes. It is also a little known fact that employers are obliged to provide staff with health surveillance if they are exposed on a daily basis to noise levels over 85dB. 85dBis the upper exposure limit an employee should have to endure. These regular health surveillance checks should help employers findearlywarning signs of the risk of industrial deafness in the workplace.

If you need advice about industrial deafness claims for compensation there is no better firm of solicitors to ask than Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds.

The industrial deafness experts from Michael Lewin Solicitors will be there for you from the moment you start your case to the moment your case is closed successfully. We will not concentrate solely on securing you the compensation you are legally entitled to for your actual deafness we will ensure all of your losses are accounted for in your final award amount.

When we make an industrial hard of hearing claim for our clients we aim to get them the full amount of compensation they are entitled to for all of their industrial deafness suffering as it is in a client’s best interests to receive the full amount they deserve.

Mr U received the full amount that he was entitled to for his hearing loss. We were able to secure a total of £4900.00 for Mr U’s minor hearing loss.

For industrial deafness claims advice about compensation for the hearing impairment you have developed in your excessively noisy work environment through the fault of your employer you need to speak to one of the highly qualified and experienced lawyers from the industrial deafness team at Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds today on: 0844 499 9302.

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