If you have developed industrial deafness from your place of work because you have been exposed to high and dangerous levels of noise you are legally entitled under UK law to pursue compensation from the person that put you in a position where your hearing was likely to be damaged.

Your hearing is very likely to be damaged if you are frequently exposed to high and damaging levels of noise. If you work in an environment where there is a constant noise of over 90db or intermittent noises with an output of over 140dB then you are at great risk from developing occupational deafness. Occupational deafness does not develop overnight. It takes time for the noise levels to do permanent damage to the inner workings of the ear and by the time you notice that your hearing is deteriorating it could be too late to rectify the situation. If your hearing has been damaged beyond repair and your employer is to blame for the damage to your hearing then you should consider making a claim for compensation it will not unfortunately help you regain the hearing you have lost but it may help you come to terms with the fact that a third party caused your deafness to occur in the first place.

Mr T made an industrial hearing loss claim for the moderate hearing loss he developed as a result of being unprotected from the dangerous noise levels at his pace of work. Mr T’s claim met the relevant criteria for making a claim and he made his claim within the three year time limit so he was awarded a total of £11345.60.

If you have developed industrial deafness from your work you are entitled to claim compensation for your loss of hearing under UK law.

Here at Michael Lewin Solicitors we believe that no one should have to struggle if they are suffering from hearing loss. Hearing loss can sometimes limit your ability to continue working in the job you are employed for as it can stop you from being able to carry out many of the necessary activities especially if you are a call centre worker. You deserve hearing loss compensation if it has been caused by your employer failing to protect you from the excessive sound levels in your place of work.

You can make a claim on a no win no fee basis through Michael Lewin Solicitors by using the services of one of the specialist lawyers from the industrial illness division. Making a no win no fee claim means that you can access professional legal representation without having to worry about the cost of financing your claim. Because there are no upfront fees to pay and because the cost of your claim is covered whether the outcome is successful or not you have nothing to worry about by starting your case.

If you are ready to start making a claim for industrial deafness compensation for the loss of hearing you have developed from your work place in the UK call Michael Lewin Solicitors as soon as possible on: 0844 499 9302.

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