Industrial deafness can be sustained from your place of work if your employer or employers have failed to provide you with a safe working environment and the necessary equipment to make that environment safe.

We understand that noise emissions from some machines cannot be lessened and that these machines are vital to the survival of many industries. Many of the machines and equipment that generate so much noise in the workplace are vital every day machines that are needed to keep world industry alive. Machine operators and those in control of safety in the workplace cannot change the noise levels that are emitted from these machines; they can however do something about the amount of noise that is absorbed by employee. All employers have to take measure to ensure their employees are protected and they must provide their employees with an appropriate level of protection from the noise in the workplace whether it is full ear defenders or disposable foam earplugs.

Your employer has to ensure that they take all of the steps necessary to ensure that their employees? health and safety is not at risk whilst they are at work. If your employer has been risking your health out of negligence or in an effort to cut corners financially and you have developed an illness or sustained an injury because of it then you could be entitled to a large compensation award.

If you have started to develop industrial deafness and it can be linked directly to the excessive noise levels from work you should consider making a personal injury claim for the hearing loss you have encountered.

If you think your employer has failed to carry out an appropriate sound measurement of the noise emissions in your workplace and consequently has failed to provide you with the appropriate equipment to protect your ears you may need legal advice from us if you are suffering from damage to your hearing.

If you like Mr N make a no win no fee personal injury claim through Michael Lewin Solicitors you will be able to keep every penny of the compensation you are awarded. Mr N was awarded a total of £4200.00 in personal injury compensation for the mild deafness he suffered as a result of his working environment. The noise levels in Mr N’s place of work measured well over the safe levels an employee should be exposed to. Mr N will never regain full use of his hearing again but specialists are hopeful that his hearing will improve over time as his injury is not necessarily permanent.

If you have industrial deafness from work and you want to know if you are eligible to make a no win no fee personal injury claim you need to call one of the dedicated industrial accident and injury solicitor from Michael Lewin as soon as possible. To get your case stated by a successful and caring legal professional call Michael Lewin Solicitors now on: 0844 499 9302.

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