The industrial deafness lawyers from the personal injury team at Michael Lewin Solicitors can help you make a claim for industrial deafness compensation in the UK if you have been subjected to excessive levels of noise in the workplace without the adequate protection for your ears.

Semi aural inserts ear defenders and disposable ear plugs are just a few examples of the types of ear protection that is available in the UK for employers to give to employees. There are different types and methods of ear protection available for workers depending on the noise levels they are exposed to in the workplace. Some methods of ear protection block out sounds more effectively than others. If an employer carries out a detailed risk assessment of the workplace and includes a test to measure the sound output into the environment they will now which method of protection is best suited to their employees. If an employer fails to bother with any ear protection then they are liable for any damage that is done to the hearing of the employees in their care.

Miss J’s employer was liable for her hearing injury and she was awarded a total of £4670.00 for the damage that was done to her hearing at work.

You should speak to the industrial deafness lawyers from the industrial disease division at Michael Lewin Solicitors if you are considering making a personal injury claim in the UK for the hearing loss compensation you are entitled to.

If your employer is the cause of the degeneration of your hearing then they are also responsibleforpaying you compensation for the loss they have caused. It does not matter how minor or severe your hearing loss is if it still classed as an industrial disease that could be avoided with better methods of protection in place. If your employer could have implemented better strategies to reduce the noise levels in the workplace or reduce an employee’s exposure to the noise levels then they are liable if you have sustained hearing loss as a result.

You have the right to ask your employer if they have carried out a detailed risk assessment of the workplace and ask to see the findings of the noise level assessment. If your employer is aware that the noise levels are in excess of the maximum exposure allowed and they have still not provided you with hearing protection then they are in breach of their duty to keep all employees safe in the workplace.

You should be careful if you so think the noise levels in your workplace are too loud; every day that your ears are exposed to the dangerous sound a little bit more damage could be getting done to your hearing. Daily exposure to noise will cause problems later in life even if you do not feel it at the time.

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