Industrial deafness is classed as an industrial disease and if you have developed this disease whilst working in London there is a good chance one of the experienced and dedicated solicitors from the industrial disease department at Michael Lewin Solicitors will be able to help you complete an industrial disease claim for occupational deafness compensation successfully.

No one deserves to fall ill and when it happens it can come as quite a shock if you have discovered that you are losing your hearing and you believe that your hearing loss was caused by an exposure to dangerous noise whilst you were working you may be considering seeking justice by way of claiming compensation. We would love to help you seek justice from your employer by helping you to make a no win no fee industrial disease claim to help you receive the compensation you deserve for the level of hearing loss you now have to endure.

We helped Mr T to seek justice for his hearing loss and Michael Lewinsolicitors were able to secure an award of £14320.00 on his behalf.

Michael Lewin Solicitors are experts in industrial deafness and industrial diseases and can help you secure the compensation you are legally entitled to for your loss of hearing by making a compensation claim in London. Compensation is available to any victim of excessive noise in the workplace whose employers have failed in their duty to keep them safe from exposure to the noises. Under UK laws if your employer has failed in their duty to protect you from harm and you can prove that their neglect is the cause of your injury or disease you are legally entitled to pursue compensation from your negligent employer.

There are many questions you may have about making a compensation claim but two of the most important things you will want to know are:

How long does it take to make a claim for industrial deafness compensation?

There is no set time limit for securing an industrial deafness award and the amount of time it takes to settle your industrial disease claim will depend on the complexity of your case whether the third party admits liability and whether you want to continue negotiating until you are offered a satisfactory award.

How much compensation will I receive?

This will depend on the level of injury that has been caused to your ears by your employer. Different award amounts are available for different types and levels of hearing loss. A quick phone call to one of our experts about your case and we can give you an estimate of the award we would expect you to receive.

For advice about industrial deafness how to start a claim in London how to make a claim under the no win no fee agreement how long it takes to make a claim or to have any other questions about the claims processed answered by a highly qualified and experienced solicitor you need to call Michael Lewin Solicitors as soon as possible on: 0844 499 9302.

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