Recompense for industrial deafness victims is widely available in the UK to those who have suffered a degree of hearing loss whilst working. The industrial disease experts from the industrial disease division at Michael Lewin Solicitors are confident that if you have a genuine and qualifying claim for industrial disease compensation we can access those funds for you.

If you have lost some or all of your sense of hearing because of the exposure to excessive sound levels in the working environment you had to endure then there is a good chance that you will qualify for making a no win no fee industrial hearing loss claim for compensation. If you can prove that you were exposed to excessive sound emissions whilst you were working and during the course of your exposure you were not offered protection of an adequate level or training about the dangers of developing industrial deafness in the workplace there is a good chance we can settle your case successfully. If you can prove the previous two requirements and you also can provide a comprehensive medical report from a qualified medical professional detailing the level of injury to your hearing Michael Lewin Solicitors are confident we can settle your claim successfully.

If you think you are entitled to industrial deafness recompense for your hearing loss and you want to know how much compensation you are entitled to under UK laws you can access that advice by speaking to personal injury lawyer from the industrial disease division at Michael Lewin Solicitors.

We are here to offer you all the advice you need about making a successful claim for industrial hearing loss compensation. Hearing loss which has developed as a result of exposure to loud noises in the occupational environment is classed as an industrial disease therefore claims can be made against employers for the development of the industrial disease if the employer has failed to prevent it from being sustained. We cannot tell you. In your initial consultation the exact amount of compensation you will receive but we can give you a rough estimate based on the details you provide us with initially. After a more in depth assessment of your case after you have instructed us to work on your behalf we will be able to give you a better guide to the award amount you should expect to receive. Your final award amount will depend on the negotiations between us and your employers? representatives and will depend on how long you want to continue the negotiations. .

We negotiated on Mr Q’s behalf a nightclub supervisor until we were satisfied that he was being offered the compensation he deserved. Nr Q was successfully awarded £4346.00 in compensation for his mild hearing difficulties induced by work.

To start pursuing your industrial deafness case in the UK with the assistance and support of a competent and highly trusted solicitor call Michael Lewin Solicitors industrial disease division as soon as possible on: 0844 499 9302to ensure you do not miss the time limit of opportunity you have to make a successful claim for the compensation you are legally entitled to.

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