If you are suffering from an industrial disease and your employer is responsible for the onset of the disease you can make a personal injury claim for the suffering you have had to endure as a result of your illness.

If a disease whether it is permanent or was temporary has left you ill and suffering you are entitled to make a personal injury claim to gain compensation for the time you have spent suffering. You have to be able to prove that the illness or disease was caused by your employers neglect in order to qualify for making a successful personal injury claim on a no win no fee basis. There are certain criteria that your case has to meet in order to qualify for a compensation award.

Your employer must make as many provisions as is necessary to keep you safe form harm in the workplace. If you employer neglects their duty to provide you with a safe working environment or they fail to provide you with the necessary safety equipment to protect you from hazards in the workplace then you could be at risk of developing an industrial illness. Your employer also has to clearly inform you of any risks you will encounter in the workplace and the measures that are in place to protect your form hazard. Even failing to provide you with appropriate training is neglect on your employers? behalf.

Industrial disease affects thousands of innocent workers every year. Some industrial diseases do not even become apparent for a few years following exposure to whatever caused the disease to develop.

Some industries are hazardous areas to work ad exposure to some of the chemicals or substances used in the workplace can cause an illness to develop on immediate contact. Some chemicals however can take years to start deteriorating the victim’s health and the symptoms may not even become apparent until after the employee has retired. No matter when you were exposed to a substance that has caused your illness you are legally enabled to make a personal injury claim if your employer is at fault for you being over exposed to the dangerous substance.

Mr R was seriously ill with carbon monoxide poisoning and nearly lost his life. Mr R felt ill at the need of every day at work. Once he started driving home he started to feel fine. Mr R was employed by an agriculturalcontracting company and drove a tractor every day. One day Mr R passed out whilst driving. It appeared that there was a hole in the exhaust of the tractor Mr R used and that he was inhaling fumes every day whilst in the cab. Mr R spent a significant amount of time recovering and was very unwell during this period. We were able to secure a total of £3780.90 for Mr R

. To find out if you are eligible to start an industrial disease case against your employer or a previous employer you need to speak to one of the industry related illness specialists from Michael el win solicitors as soon as possible. We can give you a detailed assessment of your industrial disease claim and tell you in a matter of minutes if you can get started in your case. Call Michael Lewin Solicitors today on: 0844 844 2510.

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