You can access industrial disease advice from the expert work related personal injury solicitors from Michael Lewin. If you are thinking about making a claim because you have developed an industry related disease from something you have come into contact with throughout your time of employment you need to seek advice about your eligibility to make a claim as soon as possible. There is no better firm of solicitors to turn to than Michael Lewin. Our panel of specialist work related disease solicitors can offer you all the advice you need about making a claim for industrial disease compensation; we can also assess your case over the phone free of charge and determine if your case will be eligible for an award.

If you have been exposed to something in the workplace that has made you ill and your employer did not take the necessary steps to minimise the exposure you could be entitled to make a personal injury claim for compensation. Your employer should always regard the safety of their employees as the primary responsibility in the workplace. Staff health and safety should be the most important aspect of running a business it is far more important that profits and making money because without employees there would be no business. This is why it is vital to ensure that employees are kept safe at work.

If you have become ill and you can prove that your illness is work related you need to seek industrial disease advice as soon as possible from one of the personal injury lawyers at Michael Lewin Solicitors. There is a time limit involved in making a personal injury claim so it is prudent that you start legal proceedings if you have been advised that you have a strong case as soon as possible. You will need a qualified legal professional to represent you if you are thinking about making a personal injury claim for industrial disease compensation; the laws surrounding industry related diseases employer negligence and the right to make a compensation claim are very complex. Only the most experienced and qualified solicitors are employer at Michael Lewin so you can rest assured that the best executive will be working on your behalf to secure the compensation you are entitled to.

Mr E’s employer failed to keep him safe in the workplace and as a result Mr E developed an industrial disease. Mr E’s disease took him months to recover from all because his employer was more worried about making money that he was about the safety of the employees that worked for the company. Mr E now has a new and much safer job now that he has ceased working in such a poor environment. The £5980.87 we were able to secure on Mr E’s behalf went a long way towards him being able to retrain in a new career.

If you need industrial disease advice from one of the highly qualified and dedicated solicitors at Michael Lewin you should call us before the time limit for making an industrial disease claim runs out on you. To speak to one of our caring consultants about your claim today call Michael Lewin Solicitors on: 0844 499 9302.

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