You should seek industrial disease claim advice in the UK about claiming noise induced deafness compensation if you worked in a noisy environment and it has had a detrimental effect on your hearing.

For most personal injury claims you have a time limit three years; this time limit applies to road traffic accident claims workplace accident claims and accident in a public accident claims for personal injury compensation. Industrial hearing loss claims are a little bit different in that the time limit for making a claim starts when you are diagnosed with suffering from industrial hearing loss. You may have spent ten years working in an environment where you were exposed to dangerous noise levels without adequate protection but the damage to your ears may not have become apparent until a few years later.

It is still vital however that you start making an industrial hearing loss claim for noise induced deafness compensation as soon as you can establish a link between the diagnosis of your deafness by a qualified audiologist and the environment in which you were working.

You will need industrial disease claim advice in the UK if you have suffered a loss of hearing due to the conditions of your workplace.

Industrial hearing loss sometimes called occupational hearing loss noise induced deafness or work related aural injury is a deterioration of a workers hearing through a prolonged period of being over exposed to excessive sound levels in the working environment. Thousands of employees in the UK have been affected by industrial hearing loss with over 25% of workers at risk from developing the industrial disease.

Many different industries are high risk areas for workers of developing industrial hearing loss but the most risky industries generally are coal mining construction shipbuilding metal manufacturing and factory workers.

The noise at work act 1989 was enforced so that safety measures could be put in place by all employers to ensure the employees in their care did not suffer from hearing loss in the workplace. All employers must abide by the rules set out in the noise at work act of 1989. Since the change in the regulations the cases of industrial hearing loss are reducing but that still does not mean you are unable to make a claim if in the past you have worked unprotected from sound in an environment where the noise levels are dangerous. Most occupational environments are now safe to work in as employers do provide the necessary safety equipment and training on how to manage the risk of developing noise induced hearing loss (deafness).

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