Michael Lewin Solicitors is one of the best and most successful industrial disease law specialists with an impressive track record of personal injury settlements.

We have so much experience in the compensation field and we have such an impressive track record of successful settlements that we are a top choice for many victims from all over the UK. Because we can deal with the majority of claims over the phone and via written communication whether they are for work accident compensation road traffic accident compensation or industrial disease compensation it means that people are not limited to having to choose a local firm of solicitors when they want to use our services.

Many people want to use the no win no fee legal service offered by Michael Lewin Solicitors and they are able to because of the excellent facilities we are able to provide to clients from all over the UK. If you want a personal injury company to work on your behalf that will work with your best interests at heart then you need to choose Michael Lewin Solicitors.

Many industrial disease law specialists will offer you the option of being able to make a no win no fee claim with them but will then charge you a success fee at the end of your claim.

This success fee to certain companies comes out of your compensation award. Michael Lewin Solicitors are a reputable firm of trusted lawyers and we can guarantee that the compensation you are awarded is yours to keep 100%. We are satisfied with the fees we are able to secure from the party that caused your illness. We will pursue our fees once your compensation award has been made; you do not have to pay our fees at all once when have settled your claim. All of our costs are covered by the party responsible for your illness. You are also not responsible for paying our fees if your case is not resolved positively; in this unlikely event we will accept that your case cannot be settled and will not charge you a penny for our time.

Mr S made a claim after he contracted ovine chlamydiosis form close contact with sheep that were carrying the illness. Mr S worked for a company that removed animal waste form places such as butchers and slaughter houses. Whilst Mr S was driving the wagon collecting carcasses and animal remains he was never informed of any of the risks that the job entailed nor was he offered any protection from contracting an animal borne illness. Mr S was seriously ill for a significant period of time before doctors were able to diagnose the illness; it is not a commonly occurring disease. Michael Lewin Solicitors were able to secure £3678.50 for the trauma Mr S had to endure.

To speak to a solicitor for the best industrial disease law advice you need to call Michael Lewin as soon as possible about your case. To speak to one of our qualified and dedicated consultants now call: 0844 844 2510.

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