Michael Lewin Solicitors is one of the best and most successful industrial disease law firms in this field.

We have so much experience in the personal injury field and we have such an impressive track record of positive settlements that we are a popular choice for many people all over the UK. Because we can deal with the majority of our cases whether they are for work accident compensation road traffic accident compensation or industrial disease compensation over the phone and via written communication it means that people are not limited to having to choose a local firm of solicitors.

Many people want to use our services and they are able to because of the excellent facilities we are able to provide to clients from all over the UK. If you want a personal injury law firm to work on your behalf that will work with your best interests at heart then you need to choose Michael Lewin Solicitors to work on your behalf.

Mr W chose Michael Lewin Solicitors to make a claim on his behalf after he developed hearing disorder form working alongside excessively loud equipment in the workplace. Mr W was subjected to frequent and loud noise bursts that were measured at over 120dB. Because of the noise that Mr W was subjected to he developed tinnitus and has been left with a constant hissing noise in his ears. We were able to secure compensation of £4390.00 for Mr W’s condition by making a claim against his employer

Many industrial disease law firms will offer you the option of being able to make a no win no fee claim with them but will then sting you at the end of your claim for a success fee.

This success fee is expected to be paid out of your compensation award. Michael Lewin Solicitors are a reputable firm of trusted solicitors and we can guarantee that the compensation award you receive is yours too keep all 100%. We are happy with the fees we are able to secure from the party that caused your illness once your compensation award has been made; you do not have to pay our fees at all once we have settled your claim. All of our costs are covered by the third party. You are also not liable to pay our fees if your case is not resolved positively; in this unlikely event we will accept that your case cannot be settled and will not charge you a penny for our time.

You are eligible to start a claim on a no win no fee basis of your employer did not provided you with the right equipment to protect you from the levels of noise you are exposed to at work.

To speak to a solicitor from one of the best industrial disease law firms around you need to call Michael Lewin as soon as possible about your case. To speak to one of our qualified and dedicated consultants now call: 0844 499 9302 or email enquiries@michaellewin.co.uk.

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