Michael Lewin Solicitors can offer you expert advice about industrial disease law in the UK if you are unsure about your eligibility to make a claim for industrial disease compensation or if you are unsure about making a claim on a no win no fee basis.

We have so much experience in the industrial disease field and we have such an impressive track record of positive settlements that we are a top choice for many victims from all over the UK. Because we can deal with the majority of claims over the phone and via written communication whether they are industrial disease compensation claims or industrial accident claims it means that people are not limited to having to choose a local firm of solicitors when they want to use our professional no win no fee services.

Many people want to use the no win no fee legal service offered by Michael Lewin Solicitors and they are able to because of the excellent communication methods we use to ensure we can provide legal services to clients from all over the UK. If you want a specialist industrial disease firm to work on your behalf that will work with your best interests at heart then you need to choose Michael Lewin Solicitors. Mr K was glad he used our services as we were able to secure him £23890.00 in industrial disease compensation for his hearing loss.

Many industrial disease law specialists will offer you the option of being able to make a no win no fee claim in the UK but will then charge you a success fee at the end of your claim. If you are concerned about the cost of making a no win no fee claim a solicitor from the industrial disease team at Michael Lewin Solicitors is happy to discuss the financial details about making a claim through us to put your mind at rest.

This success fee that some companies may charge is expected to be paid out of your compensation award. Michael Lewin Solicitors are a reputable firm of trusted industrial disease consultants and we can guarantee that the compensation you are awarded is yours to keep with no deductions being made by us. We are satisfied with the fees we are able to secure from the negligent person that caused your illness.

We will pursue payment for our time once your compensation award has been made; you do not have to pay our fees at all once when have settled your case. All of our costs are covered by the negligent other side that is responsible for your illness. You are also not responsible for paying our fees if your case is not settled; in this unlikely event we will accept that your case cannot be settled and will not charge you a penny for our services.

To speak to a specialist for the best industrial disease law advice in the UK you need to call Michael Lewin as soon as possible about your case. To speak to one of our qualified and dedicated consultants now call: 0844 844 2510.

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