A qualifiedindustrial disease lawyer from Michael Lewin Solicitors will be able to act on your behalf if you have developed an illness from something you came into contact with at work. The personal injury lawyers from Michael Lewin Solicitors are known for the success they have had in settling personal injury claims for work related illness compensation.

The personal injury team at Michael Lewin Solicitors is one of the strongest and most highly successful teams of individuals you will find. No cases are too complex or too small for the personal injury team of dedicated illness in the workplace lawyers to take on as they love a challenge no matter what the claim. Michael Lewin’s personal injury team has an astonishing success rate and we always strive to keep up the excellent reputation we already have. We are here for anyone who has decided that making a claim for the compensation they are legally entitled to will help them deal with their illness.

You can make a claim if you suffered exposure to a dangerous chemical and you became ill immediately or soon after and you can also make a compensation claim if you developed an illness over a period of years that can be linked directly to the work you used to do. In order to make a claim for industrial disease compensation you have to have been diagnosed with the disease and be able to link it directly to something you have come into contact with at work.

If you think that you cannot afford for a specialist industrial disease lawyer from Michael Lewin Solicitors to work on your behalf because they are so experienced and highly qualified that you will not be able to afford the fees then you need to speak to one of them about making a no win no fee personal injury claim.

We are so confident in the abilities of the specialist lawyers on the personal injury team that we offer their legal representation on a no win no fee basis. We can act on your behalf if you want to make a claim for personal injury compensation following an accident art work or because of an illness you have developed as a result of the work you do. No matter the circumstances are surrounding your work related illness there is a solicitor here who has the specialist expertise to be able to help you make a claim successfully providing it meets the criteria for making a claim.

Mr U a caretaker at a secondary school was asked to deal with the problem of rats in one of the PE equipment storage sheds. Mr U had no experience or training on how to deal with the infestation and because he was not told to use protective equipment and did not receive training he developed a severe case of Weill’s disease from direct contact with the rat urine in the shed. We were able to award Mr U with £14700.00 for the terrible suffering he had to endure.

If you need to speak to Michael Lewin’s expert industrial disease lawyer about your claim for compensation or if you want to make the most of the free and no obligation claims assessment service we offer you need to call us as soon as possible on: 0844 499 9302.

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