If you have developed an industrial disease you will need the help of an expert solicitor from the personal injury team at Michael Lewin to help you pursue a work related illness claim and settle the case successfully. There is a limited amount of time involved in making a personal injury claim so it is prudent that you start legal proceedings if you have been advised that you have a strong case as soon as possible. You will need a qualified legal professional to assist you if you are thinking about making a personal injury claim for work related injury or illness compensation; the laws surrounding industry related illnesses employer liability and the right to make a compensation claim are very complex. Only the most dedicated and qualified solicitors are employed at Michael Lewin so you can rest assured that the best representative will be working on your behalf to secure the compensation you are entitled to.

You have to be able to prove if you want to make a successful industrial illness claim that you were exposed to the risk that caused your illness whilst you were working. You also have to show that at the times you were exposed to the risk your employer did not have any measures in place to minimise your exposure to the risk or if there were measures in place that they were not adequate. Once you have been diagnosed by a medical professional as having an industrial disease and if you can link it directly to the workplaceyou need to call us as soon as possible.

You can access free and no obligation industrial disease representation from a highly qualified solicitor if you come to Michael Lewin for advice and support. If you are thinking about making a claim because you have developed an work related illness from something you have come into contact with throughout your employment or because of the repetitive work you have had to carry out you need to seek advice about your eligibility to start a claim as soon as possible. There is no better team of solicitors to turn to than Michael Lewin. Our division of specialist work related disease solicitors can offer you all the advice you need about making a claim for industrial disease compensation; we can also analyse your case over the phone free of charge and determine if your case will be eligible for an award.

Ms B was eligible to start a compensation claim after she contracted an illness from her working environment. Ms B met all the necessary criteria for making a claim so we were successfully able to secure her a total of £4500.00 in compensation.

If you need industrial disease representation from a highly qualified and dedicated solicitor at Michael Lewin you should call us before the time limit for making an industrial disease claim expires. To speak to one of our professional legal representatives about your claim today call Michael Lewin Solicitors on: 0844 499 9302.

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